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Body Potions Emporium, Inc.

Proudly providing our Community with Essential Holistic Health Solutions Since 2018

We consider each client's wellness path to be a personal and unique one. Our Holistic Health Workers consider how each client interacts with his or her environment. We emphasize the human connection to nature and the metaphysical. We believe that optimal health and wellness is much more than the absence of sickness. It is the conscious pursuit of the highest qualities of the physical plane whether it be: environmental, mental, emotional, spiritual, or even the social aspects of the human experience.


Body Potions Emporium, Inc. offers massage therapy services and essential holistic health products. We have an array of top quality holistic health products designed to boost immunity, decrease inflammation, promote wellness, decrease pain or discomfort while also uplifting your spirit. Our products and services are tools that you can use on your quest to optimal health and wellness. 

Our Holistic Medicine Approach is also based on unconditional love and a strong sense of community. Body Potions Emporium, Inc started out in a small office with lifeless walls and no magic or sense of wellness. We worked to start our local small business without any loans and transformed our work space from a cold corporate environment to a sacred space of healing. 

Starting out with just massage therapy services we slowly started developing an array of metaphysical healing products and new massage services centered around the meditative and healing ceremony of drinking tea. We were quickly on our way to expanding. In December of 2020 we started hearing about a new virus that was devastating China and knew that there was a high possibility of the virus spreading to the rest of the world. With this knowledge we began designing new Essential Holistic Health Products. On March 10th 2020 our city got its first case of COVID-19 we knew right away that Traditional Massage Therapy was contraindicated due to the nature of the virus so we closed our doors for the safety of our community and began brainstorming a way to provide Massage Therapy Services in a safe way. Being run by two Massage Therapists we decided to replace ourselves with advanced 4D Robotics Technology and offer the healing benefits of Massage Therapy using the most state of the art Spa Chair in America. 


Our story continues with you as the Hero and us as a tool to help you gather some Essential Holistic Health Solutions.  Lets team up on your quest to radiate wellness and be in a state of optimal health.

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